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Tugas Remidi XII TKJ 1
[mod=septia wulandari]Nama : Septia Wulandari
kelas : XII.TKJ.1
absen : 25[/mod]

1. Setting ip
[spoil][Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-03-53.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-04-41.png][/spoil]
2. setting dns
[spoil][Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-05-23.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-06-01.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-06-06.png][/spoil]
3. setting NAT
[spoil][Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-07-38.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-07-51.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-08-02.png][/spoil]
4. setting proxy
[spoil][Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-08-16.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-08-31.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-08-44.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-09-03.png]
[Image: clone-2016-01-07-20-09-14.png][/spoil]
5. setting windows dan percobaan
[spoil][Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2016-01-07-20-46-05.png][/spoil]
[spoil][Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2016-01-07-20-44-57.png]
[Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2016-01-07-20-45-22.png][/spoil]
eaaaa keep post

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