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Konfigurasi DNS
1. Membuat IP Address ketik sintak "nano /etc/network/interfaces"
[spoil][Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-41-07.png]
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-41-29.png]
Kemudian ketik "service networking restart" untuk menyimpan IP[/spoil]
2. Masuk ke dalam direktori DNS dengan ketik "cd /etc/bind"

3. Edit file named.conf ketik sintak "nano named.conf.default-zones"
[spoil][Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-14-04-49.png][/spoil]

4. Copy File Local dan 127 ketik sintak "cp db.local db.domain" dan "cp db.127 db.ip"

5. Edit file db.domain dan db.ip
[spoil]ketik sintak "nano db.danang"
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-43-04.png]
ketik sintak "nano db.ip"
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-44-04.png]
Kemudian restart Bind9 ketik sintak "service bind9 restart"[/spoil]

Konfigurasi Squid
1. Masuk direktori squid ketik sintak "cd /etc/squid" dan edit Edit file squid.conf dengan ketik sintak "nano squid.conf"
[spoil]Ketik CTRL+W cari "http_port 3128" hapus tanda pagar dan tambahkan transparent di depannya
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-46-38.png]
Membuat blok.txt dan hapus tanda pagar pada kedua http_access
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-49-04.png]
http_access deny all hapus tanda pagar
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-50-46.png]
Ketik CTRL+W cari "cache_mgr" hapus tanda # dan ketik ""
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-12-46-58.png]
Membuat Visible_Hostname
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-14-47-49.png][/spoil]

2. Edit file rc.local ketik sintak "nano /etc/rc.local"
[spoil]Membuat NAT dan Proxy
[Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-14-25-15.png][/spoil]

3. Edit file blok.txt ketik sintak "nano blok.txt"
[spoil][Image: Clone%20of%20clone-2015-12-07-14-05-32.png]
Kemudian restart squid ketik sintak "service squid restart[/spoil]

4. Coba pada client . Samakan IP Address pada server
[spoil][Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2015-12-07-14-26-54.png][/spoil]

5. Test pada Browser Client
[spoil]Apa bila Error makan Squid Proxy berhasil
[Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2015-12-07-14-29-26.png]
[Image: Windows%20XP%20Professional-2015-12-07-14-29-02.png][/spoil]

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